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The Haunted Chicken House

As you walk through the halls where some of the worst chicken atrocities have occurred, mind every shadow and every corner. For what lurks in this house is a collection of mad fowl and killers, handpicked by Chicken Dan himself! You will be faced with intense sprawling rooms as well as tiny corridors. Human sized pens have been erected to keep the mutant chickens at bay. The very ground you walk on will sway and boil, and you may lose your way. Remember, the monsters cannot tell the difference between their poultry nemeses and you, so move smartly. If you can find the escape slide, you may just make it out alive.


The Haunted Hayride

You and your friends will be loaded into a trailer that sits 3 feet off the ground, but trust me, that in no way means you are safe. You will be shuttled through scenes and scenarios that not even the most fit of minds can comprehend. Be forewarned, many of the killers that found their way out of the chicken house, have now set up residence in the vast lands that you are trepidatiously treading into. The junk yard is rigged with explosions and fire balls to dissuade you from continuing your journey, but you must prevail. Our very own Michael Myers, has set up a nice home somewhere out in this darkness, so be warned of the possible threat to life and limb. Who knows what form of creatures will be waiting for you in the swirling chaos of this trail?

Will you survive?  

Is the tractor driver truly trying to get you out of here?

Or is he yet another adversary, bent on dragging you deeper into the woods in order to lighten his load?

hayride ee

To even think about taking a ride on this free range death coaster you need to be 18 or older with a valid unexpired ID or have a parent or legal guardian (documented proof is required) that can sign the waiver for you!


Imagine, you are going to school one day. You get onto the bus for your regular morning routine. But you notice, all too late, that the bus driver is a rage filled psychopath. His only joy in life is the terrified screams that leap out of the mouths of his unassuming passengers. This ride is not for the faint of heart or weak of skin. You will speed through our haunted woods, narrowly avoiding trees and boulders. You will race through ditches, and find yourself flying off a cliff, before this deadly race has concluded. Sign the waiver, if you think you have the steel to survive this crazy train. Even if you do make it back in one piece, you will be forever changed.



You must sign a release of liability waiver to ride this insane attraction. If you are under the age of 18, you must have a LEGAL PARENT or GUARDIAN to sign for you. Absolutely under no circumstances can anyone sign for you .... Not your brother, sister, aunt, uncle or friends. NO EXCEPTIONS! Must present a valid id or parent/legal guardian with documented proof.